Website Maintenance

Looking after your WordPress website is very important. No, we really mean it. If you have a poorly maintained website it can leave you open to attack. Hackers can exploit hidden weaknesses and take control.

We’re here to help. By subscribing to our Website Maintenance plan, we will check your website regularly for any WordPress, theme or plugin updates.

Before we apply any updates, we’ll have a staging area set up just for you, so that we can test things in a safe environment before touching the real thing.

After that, just to make doubly sure nothing can go wrong, we will take a backup of your website. A snapshot in time, so that if anything does go disastrously wrong, we can flick a switch and put it all back together again.

  • Weekly checks for updates
  • Staging area for testing updates
  • Weekly backups and prior to any updates going live

All of this for your website, plus your peace of mind for just £70* a month.

Contact us now for your peace of mind.

*Prices include VAT.